You’ve heard the term “square peg in a round hole”, right? That’s not something you want to deal with. People are different. They have different personalities, different experiences, and different ways to approach problems. People are different shaped pegs.

There’s not necessarily a “correct” or “best” way to approach all problems. What might be more efficient for one person is painful drudgery to another, but both are able to get their projects done on time, and in proper order. When you lock yourself into a ridgid workflow where everyone has to follow the same process and you add in endless details to try and perfectly project a project’s stages, you are eliminating the ability for people with different personalities to approach problems in different, creative ways. You are trying to make all your differently shaped pegs fit through the same shape hole, and that’s not going to work. 

You have to ask yourself: is the goal to make everyone follow a process, or is the goal to get the projects completed? If its B, use a system (ahem, Unmanage) that has the flexibility to allow pegs of any shape to pass through. 

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