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About us

At Unmanage, we believe that being organized is crucial to doing your best work. That’s why we’ve created a project tracking app that simplifies the process, so you can focus on what’s important: getting things done.

Our focus is on small teams and individuals who want to improve their organization and productivity without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. We know that not everyone will be a perfect fit for our approach, but for those who are, we believe that Unmanage can make a big difference.

We know that flexibility is key, so our app is designed to be adaptable to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re a new user who has never used a project management app before, or someone who is switching from a more complex tool, we believe that Unmanage can help you to improve your organization, efficiency, and effectiveness.

So if you’re ready to simplify and get more done, give Unmanage a try. We believe that our approach is the perfect fit for small teams and individuals who want to do their best work.

Our Maxims:

  • We believe that its important to be organized to do your best work
  • Track the minimum info necessary to do the job well. 
  • The further out you plan; the less accurate you will be. 
  • The more precisely you try and plan the more cumbersome your execution
  • Good tracking tools should help you document, prioritize, filter out what isn’t important, and focus on what is. 
  • Give people a tool that gives them the flexibility to organize that information in a way that helps them do their best work. 
  • We focus on these items first when tracking:
    • What are you calling it?
    • Who is working on it & is responsible for it?
    • Who is the work being done for?
    • How important is it right now?
    • What’s important to know about it?
    • Where do things stand right now?
    • When is it due?
  • Then we start adding in details, and only as needed
  • A plan should be a goal plus a strategy to get there, not an immutable process. Be flexible. 
  • Move quickly. Document and organize as soon as information comes in. Write it down and fill in the blanks as the information comes available. If you don’t, things will pile up. 
  • You want people to provide you with key information promptly. Make sure you’re reciprocating. 
  • But don’t be afraid to start without all the information you want. 
  • Be a resource for your team, not a manager
  • Don’t micromanage. Give people a goal, a strategy to get there, the resources to do it, and let them work
  • We think horizontal distribution is better than vertical. 
  • Specialists are bottlenecks. You want people competent in multiple areas. Spreading workloads is how you execute faster. 
  • We love small teams who work fast and make things happen. We are focused on supporting them
  • We think the fewer people involved in a project, the faster it can be done and the better it will turn out.
  • Break up big projects into smaller ones that fewer people can handle 
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