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freelancer pondering project

Square peg in a round hole

You’ve heard the term “square peg in a round hole”, right? That’s not something you…
Unmanage dashboard view

We’re not perfect – and thats ok

We’re about to (re)launch, and everything isn’t perfect. Unmanage doesn’t have every feature we want.…
group working on project

Complex Project Tracking pt II

At Unmanage, we want to capture the minimum amount of info necessary to work on…
desktop of projects

The problem with complex project tracking

The problem with complex project tracking Systems that "capture everything” sound great, because it’s assumed…
stylized view of unmanage kanban

Why did we make Unmanage?

We’ve worked in various fields, and used lots of different project management apps. Sometimes we…
image of Unmanage running on laptop

What is Unmanage?

To us, Unmanage is more than the name of the app. The idea behind Unmanage…