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Project tracking is better with Unmanage

Tired of complex systems, or looking for a better way to get organized?
Get more done today with Unmanage.

Unmanage is…organized and focused.

We don’t tell you how to do your job, we just help you do it better.

Unmanage is...Flexible

Unmanage lets you set things up the way you need, and then gets out of the way

  • Multiple Views
  • Color Coding
  • Show/Hide Content
  • Custom Tags
  • Custom Statuses
  • …and more

Unmanage is...Organized

You've got everything documented...somewhere. Unmanage helps you organize it in a way that works better.

  • Board and Project Templates
  • KPI Filters
  • Custom Tags and Statuses
  • Color Coding
  • Smart Sorting
  • …and more

Unmanage is...Focused

Once you have everything organized, Unmanage helps you focus on the work that needs your attention now

  • Due Soon/Overdue
  • Live Search
  • Show/Hide Content
  • Filters
  • Custom Views
  • …and more

Unmanage is...made for you

We didn’t build Unmanage for enterprise, we built it for people like you. We wanted to make an affordable platform that helps people do great work with more confidence.

We believe that if you want to make a great tool, you talk to the people doing the work, and find out what they need. So thats what we did.

No, we don’t have every bell and whistle. Too many ‘features’ on other platforms are really just distractions. We don’t want distractions. We want to know exactly where our work stands so we can work effectively, with as few people involved as possible.

See what people are saying

Unmanage has helped so much with my relationship with my supervisor. I no longer feel micro-managed, and she doesn’t have to worry about forgetting any projects we’re working on. I feel so much more organized and less anxious about dropping the ball on work tasks. It's simple, easy, and works for me and my team!

Lauren ThomasonITTI Care Project Coach

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