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Stressed | I don't feel like I have a handle on my projects
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Frustrated | I'm not allowed to manage my own projects

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Relaxed | KPI's and Custom views keep me informed about all my projects
Confident | Unmanage is simple, but powerful, with everything I need.
In Control | I can keep everything organized the way I need to help me work best

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Standout Features


Keep an eye on the high level KPI’s for your board at the top of the page. Clicking a KPI will auto filter your board to show you just those items, allowing you to quickly drill down to important info. KPI’s are consistent across all boards, allowing you to make quick comparisons. 


Need a different perspective on your projects? Quickly switch to Kanban view and all your projects will appear in a familiar layout. Columns are auto populated according to status, and updating in Kanban will update in table view as well, making sure your projects are always aligned.


Powerful filters let you fly through large lists of projects and concentrate on the ones that need your attention. Combine and save filter presets to create custom views you can use whenever you need. 

Project Info Widgets

Need to see more detail on a given project? Use the Project info widgets to quickly access detailed project info, project updates, files, and tasks. 

... And Much More

Custom Views. Smart Sorting. Show/Hide options. And More. 

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