Kanban vs Table view

Everyone on the team here has used trello. A Lot. Heck, we used it to map out plans for Unmanage in the early days. There are lots of workflows where the visual reinforcement of moving projects from left to right is super motivating and satisfying, but its not for everyone. 

Likewise, we’ve used some great table based systems. They are awesome for sorting and filtering and focusing, but sometimes you find yourself in a spot where its not the best way to track and manage your projects. 

We know we’re not the only ones to do this, but our focus is on giving the largest number of people the most flexible tool (within reason) we can, so we decided to have both views. However, we wanted to be sure that both stayed connected to each other, and that people working in the same board wouldn’t be forced into one or the other. The simplest way to tie table statuses to kanban columns. Change the status in table view, and it moves the project card in Kanban (and vice versa). We also really liked show/hide in table view, so we brought it over to Kanban also. With a quick click, you can hide columns you aren’t using and focus just on the ones you need. Click the show/hide button to show and restore the hidden columns at any time. 

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