We strive to capture the minimum amount of data necessary for all stake holders to have what they need to accomplish a project. Most systems go the opposite route, wanting to track every stage, every step, every task, assign them a person, a date, a dependency so that it becomes this glorious interwoven masterpiece. But you know what I see when I look at that? A lot of wasted manhours. All of those items are going to change. Tasks get assigned, go away, change focus, change assignment. Dates move constantly. One little thing shifts, and it shifts everything in that project, and then bumps into the next project, shifting it as well. And someone is being paid to constantly go in and update a bunch of information that never mattered anywhere in the first place. 

When you have fewer people involved in any given project, and they don’t have to track every little thing, they are more free to actually work on the project itself. Trying to remember all your hours, adding tasks for a half dozen things you already did, assigning dates to future ones that you know aren’t correct because you aren’t that far yet, is wasted time. It’s like trying to run with an anchor strapped to you. It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting. 

Trust your team. Give them simple, flexible tools to help them execute and they will.

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