The greatest people are self-managing, they don't need to be managed. Once they know what to do, they'll go figure out how to do it. What they need is a common vision

At Unmanage, we believe in this. Heck, it’s where our name came from. We wanted to create a tool we thought would best help unmanaged teams keep projects organized, while providing important insights to the people that need it. We don’t believe we are the best tool out there. We don’t believe there is ANY best tool out there. Different teams have different needs. The best tool is the one that helps get the job done. A lot of us come from jobs where we used different tools, and we didn’t always have that. So we built Unmanage to help us. And we hope it helps you.

Make tools for the people doing the work

Too often, project management is a top down process. Managers who aren’t involved in the day to day work try and create templates and timelines and force the others actually creating to conform to what they think an ideal workflow is, without ever really seeing what the people on the ground need to keep organized and on track. 

Thats why we built Unmanage. We want the people doing the work to have simple, flexible, powerful tools that let them organize their projects and tasks the way they need to be most efficient. You don’t ask someone sitting behind a desk how to make a better shovel. You ask someone outside doing the digging. They are in the best position to make this call.

You’ll notice some things that are common in other tools “missing” in ours. They aren’t missing, they were omitted. They may be helpful to some, but they’re not for us. If you have too many features, some people feel compelled to use them, even if they aren’t the best tool, or aren’t reporting an accurate picture of whats going on. We’re as proud of the features we don’t include as the ones we do. 

We also believe it’s important to be able to track and report progress, and see where issues are. We built our tools with that in mind. You can get quick, high level snapshots of your project health through KPI’s and other visual indicators throughout the app, and can quickly dive into any issues to get them sorted out quickly. 

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